Installing Windows 7 Release Candidate

Been busy installing W7RC but before doing anything else I ran the “Windows Easy Transfer Tool” to backup personal files and settings. Then it was on with the install.

Nothing new to report with the installation. Everything went smoothly and it even discovered a couple new devices the Beta had not. I Still can’t get the fingerprint reader to work so I’ll have to investigate further.

Updates for my past postings on the Windows 7 Beta:

  • “My Computer”: Permissions issue still applies to the registry key. Taking ownership of the key will allow you to edit it.
  • User Account Picture: There is now an option to browse to a picture to use for the user account picture; maybe I just missed it from the Beta. I’m going to explore what happens when you specify a JPEG or maybe even a web link.
  • Need to confirm behaviour when editing the Start Menu and IIS web root folders.

~ by bwsd on May 26, 2009.

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