Boot PPC PowerMac from USB

First, familiarize yourself with the following articles:

Now for the fun part:

  1. Have a USB thumb drive handy (I successfully used 512MB, 1GB, 2GB drives)
  2. Download and unzip the 9.2.2 Boot Kit (the resulting file will have a .toast file extension)
  3. Download and unzip HDD Raw Copy Tool
  4. Use HDD Raw Copy Tool to write the Toast file to the USB thumb drive
  5. Turn on the Mac and immediately hold down <Command><Option><O><F> until you see the white Open Firmware screen
  6. Type “boot usb0/disk@1:,\\:tbxi” (without the double-quotes) and press <Enter>

(Be aware you may need to change the port number of the USB device depending on the Mac model and which port the USB thumb drive is plugged into.)

  1. Voila!

~ by bwsd on April 27, 2019.

One Response to “Boot PPC PowerMac from USB”

  1. This is great, but the resulting disk size is only 408MB. Is there a way to expand that, to take advantage of all available space on the thumb drive?

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