Old-School Programming – The Good Old Days?

I read an article over the weekend that had me waxing nostalgic over the good old days of programming – except they weren’t all good. Here’s just a few items from the article (and some of my own) that I can relate to:

In many ways, things have improved and gotten easier. But I also think that without the benefits and the trial & error of yesteryear I wouldn’t have the insightful knowledge that I have today which in the end makes me a better software developer – and more appreciative. What was unthinkable yesterday is possible today.

~ by bwsd on May 27, 2009.

One Response to “Old-School Programming – The Good Old Days?”

  1. Exactly! I’d like to learn most, if not all of the old tricks. But sadly I’m still learning C++ and probably have to spend decades on this old-school hobby.

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